TiFe금속간 화합물의 Zr과 Ce첨가와 냉각속도에 따른 응고 조직 변화 및 기계적 특성 > Publication

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TiFe금속간 화합물의 Zr과 Ce첨가와 냉각속도에 따른 응고 조직 변화 및 기계적 특성

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업적 TiFe금속간 화합물의 Zr과 Ce첨가와 냉각속도에 따른 응고 조직 변화 및 기계적 특성
상세내용 Abstract
Microstructural and corresponding hardness changes of TiFe compounds with Zr (0~6 at%) or Ce (0~3 at%) were studied using
samples prepared at different solidification rates. In arc-melted (TiFe)-Zr samples, the Fe23 Zr6 and (Ti, Zr)2Fe phases formed in the
TiFe matrix, while in the (TiFe)-Ce sample, the CeO2 phase formed along the grain boundary of the TiFe matrix. As the Zr content
was increased, the volume fractions of the Fe23 Zr6 and (Ti, Zr)2Fe phases increased, forming a network structure. Accordingly, the
hardness values of the samples also increased. With a small addition of Ce of approximately 0.1 at%, the as-cast microstructure
could be effectively refined, reducing the average grain boundary diameter from ~100 μm to ~14 μm. In the rapidly solidified sample
prepared through a melt-spinning method, the constituent phases were identical to those of the arc-melted samples while the
grains were refined. The microstructural changes of TiFe alloys can affect the hydrogen storage ability as well as the mobility of the
hydrogen atoms in the alloys.
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